Friday, October 26, 2012

Wouldn't Trade It

Over my lifetime I have held a my fair share of jobs.  These jobs include line cook at two restaurants, cashier/waiter at two restaurants,  clerk/shift manager/assistant manager/store manager(for a week before I quit that job), PC support tech at local hospital, system support tech and server administrator where I am currently.  And I can honestly say that the most rewarding and equally challenging job is the one I will never quit or get tired of...being a Father.

Being a Father is like no other job I have ever had.  I can have the worst day at work or the worst argument with friends and when I see and hold my daughter all my stress and problems just melt away.  Nothing else in the world matters when I am holding her, playing with her and loving on her.  If I had it my way I would cart her around with me all day long. Unfortunately I can not carry her around all day long because I have other obligations such as work to attend to.

Being a Father isn't always fun and games though.  There are numerous times that I have heard her crying in the middle of the night only because her pacifier has fallen out of her mouth she she's kicked her blanket off herself.  Trust me, getting up and getting to work on time after only getting 2 hours of sleep isn't really fun but I do cherish all the time I get to spend with my daughter.  I am sure I will look back and wish that I had held her more, or spent more time with her than I already do.

I can honestly say that there is nothing in this world I love more than my daughter and being her Father.  It is tough and trying at times but it is also the best feeling in the world and the most rewarding job I have ever had.    

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