Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mindset Changes & Work

I'm so amazed at how becoming a Father has affected my attitude towards the world in which we live.  Things that I used to overlook or brush off without much thought, I now take to heart and personal.  I witness so many things in this world that are just simply wrong.  People praying on the innocent and helpless or the uneducated.  And it worries me to death.

I've believed for a long time now that most "parents" in today's society aren't  real Parents by any standards.   In fact these "parents" are more like day care workers or close friends to their children.  This is not only doing a horrible disservice to the child but also helps create an on going crisis.  Parents should be involved in their children's lives and protect them from the dangers the child has no idea even exist.  Parents are called guardians for a reason and it seems more parents then not now days have forgotten what that means.

At work we has been making a large push for training.  As part of this objective I have developed two public classes aimed at helping teach the public some general computer knowledge.  One is a HealthyPC class that aims to help stop virus and Malware on computers.  The other is Connecting Wireless which will explain some basics to the setup and configuration of a home wireless network.  Then, the soon to be father part kicked in and I actually had an idea about doing a class on child safety online.  This of course caused me to launch into design mode and I have come up with a rough outline for a class.  The class uses all free software/services and common sense to help protect the child while online.  It's not a fool proof way of protecting your child but it's a good start.  

It's just crazy how learning that I am going to be a Father has done to my everyday thinking and mindset.  I know that I have a HUGE responsibility ahead of me to be the best parent, guardian, and friend to my daughter..but I am sure that I am up to the challenge and the task ahead.