Monday, April 30, 2012

This Day and Age

Parenting a child is a hard job! It's really easy to be your child's best friend.  A lot of parents aren't given the tools and allowed to be good parents and therefor they fall into being what is essentially a daycare for the child but not a "parent".

My wife and I are eagerly awaiting our first child (still don't know the sex) to be born later this year.  We are by no means experts on raising children but due to our career paths and personal experiences we've been able to witness more than a few things. She is a teacher at a Title 1 Elementary School and I work at the local public library system supporting all of their computer systems.  We've seen

There are so many ways that a child can be "derailed" just in dealing with technology and interacting with it.  Facebook.  Who doesn't have a Facebook now days?  I've seen children, that are far to young, using Facebook with their own accounts or the parents' accounts.  This is so very dangerous. The exposure these children are opened up to is astronomical and the parents think it's perfectly fine.  Myspace.  If there still is a Myspace that is.  I've seen some horrible things on Myspace that no adult much less a child should be exposed to.

My point is that parents need to be very careful with what they allow their children to be exposed to and use.  The things children see and hear is what they will imitate and grow up to be.  I just hope that I'm able to be a good parent for my child and teach them how to be a good citizen and a good person throughout their life.  

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