Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Cool" Ideas

So while I know that I wont have to do anything special to celebrate the birth of my first child there is a part of me that wants to.  I mean some people have pictures taken or a tattoo of the child's portrait done.  Those aren't for me...well not exactly anyways.

There are two things I'm thinking doing. The first is getting the child's hand prints or foot prints tattooed somewhere on my arms or chest.  The other is purchasing some sort of a firearm and having it engraved with the initials and DOB.  Am I crazy for thinking this?  I don't think so.  I think that by doing one of these two things I will either have something always with me remind me of my son\daughter or I will have a teaching tool that I will one day pass down to them.  To me, that means a lot.  The idea of me teaching my child how to safely enjoy and respect firearms and it being one that I purchased for them when they were born just means so much.  They could then pass it on to their children and start a tradition.  I'm not thinking about getting a massive tattoo that you'll see from space, or getting my child his/her first M-16....just maybe a youth .22 or a tattoo on my bicep that I can look at and always feel them near.

Maybe I'm crazy but regardless I'm going to be a proud father...That I'm sure of.

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