Monday, March 26, 2012

Names Are Hard

Choosing a name for your child is one of the hardest things for me.  How do you know that the name will "fit" the child's personality?  How do you know that the name will not get the child made fun of in schools and social events?  How do you know that the child will grow up to like their name?  So many things to think about...

Julie and I picked out children's names right after we got married.  We picked one name for each sex and we were extremely happy with our choices; However, now that we are actually pregnant we find ourselves second guessing our choice for the boy name.  When we sat down and decided on names we had only one firm rule for the boy name.  We both wanted my dad's middle name to be used in the name.  The problem we ran into was I also wanted to use my grandfathers name as well.  For whatever reason I don't like the idea of doing two middle names or hyphenating a middle name so this leaves me in a precarious position.  As it stands right now, the boy name is Thomas Athens.  The question that rises from this is, what do you call a baby with Thomas as a first name?  Tommy? Thomas? Tom?  I don't know how I feel about any of these.  The other issue that complicates this is that there is already a Tommy in the family, my uncle.  My mother really wants my middle name to be used, which is Thomas as well.   

So I say all this to say that I've found out that coming up with a good, strong, well fitting name for a child that you don't know yet is very hard for me.  I find it somewhat selfish to think about naming a child what I want them to be named because what if the child doesn't like it?  Of whatever it's a horrible name and just doesn't fit the child personality?  :SIGH:  So many decisions and choices, I guess that with time and much thought the two of us will come to peace with our name choices.....or we will change them I suppose.

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  1. You could always wait until the baby is born and meet him/her and then pick a name. Don't let your family influence you on what to name your child, it is not their decision to make. Whatever name you pick will fit and you will have a peace about it.


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